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  • My name is Lynne! I'm a runner enjoying life in Colorado with my two furry kids! Summer is a Rottie (my fourth) and my Aussie, Scout, is 12. They fill my life with funny stories and special moments. Enjoy reading about my troubles with running and the fun I have with my fuzkids!
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    While I have been through this several times, I am in no way an expert in dealing with or curing your pet of canine cancer. Please consult your local vet or canine cancer specialist on how to effectively treat your furry family member.
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Loving me some Sparkle!

I think I’ve gone on Sparkle overload!  I love my Sparkle Skirts!  If you haven’t tried them, look them up at http://www.sparkleskirts.com/


Day 13 & 14 – Don’t Forget to Check Your Pups!

So yesterday I got a short run in.  Short only because I got worried about a car that blinked its lights at me.  You just never know.  Two good miles at under 12 min/mile!

And today is the 14th!  Friendly reminder to check your dogs from nose to tail for lumps and bumps!  Give em a good rub down and report any changes to your vet.  Have fun with it!

Juneathon 10 & 11

Oh what fun I had on Sunday!  I did get a short 5 mile run in after supporting my BRC Women’s Fit Teammates at the Garden of the God’s 10 Miler.  I was on track to do this race and was thinking about it when the migraines hit.  So I went back to my original plan – going out to cheer them on.  This was my third year doing it and my second year with my FREE HUGSsign.  I loved it so much last year I had to do it again.  I drug my friend and teammate Sarah along for the fun!

Sarah & I braving the cold and wind!

All photos are courtesy of Anya Inman at Pikes Peak Sports.  We definitely had the best spot on the course and were a blast to hang out with!   Huge thanks to her for all of the great pictures of me giving hugs!  We got a lot of thank you’s from the runners.  It wasn’t an easy race this year because of a terrible headwind and it was a little cool out (cold for me and Sarah).

This lady was extra special.  She was almost to tears when she told me how much my hugs meant to her.  I hope she had a great run!

Hugging while running downhill takes some finesse.  I handled it better this year.  That and people were more willing to actually stop to give me a hug – gee thanks!  Well I do believe I will be back next year.  It’s become a tradition.  And I still think “This is the worst parade ever!”

PS:  I got a 5K in today!  Still going strong!

Juneathon 8 & 9

So my Friday workout was early bootcamp with the group.  Tons of fun at o’dark thirty!  First day on the BP meds.  Went okay and no headaches to report.

Today was oodles of fun!  I signed up for the Ruff! Life Dog Jog benefiting National Mill Dog Rescue last month.  It was just a two miler and I only walked it because I had my absolutely cute little girl with me – SUMMER!

She got all  dressed up in her tutu for the benefit walk.  Everyone loved her costume.  Sporting her Air Force Blue!  She had her picture taken about a dozen times.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring $5 dollars to get her in the costume contest.  She’s a winner in my eyes and that’s all that matters.   She pulled through the entire two miles like a trooper (or a ballerina in this case)!  Gotta love her!

Juneathon Day 7

Another nothing day!  Just didn’t feel right today.  Blood pressure was up this morning and the nausea wouldn’t go away.  Still not feeling good.

Had my follow up appointment with the doctor about my migraine ER visit.  They took my BP twice while I was there and it wasn’t pretty.  We’re both in agreement that my migraines are being caused possibly by the rise in my BP.  He took an EKG test while I was there and I’m so glad it was totally normal.  Good heart!  However, he decided to put me on meds to see if that brings things back to normal.

So we’re having a wonderful two days of weather here in Colorado.  Lovely hail storm last night and tonight….tornados!  I thought I left all that in Iowa!

Check out these photos posted from last night’s weather.  Tonight’s clouds have already produced several tornados.  Good news is that no reports of damage or injuries.

Here’s the wall cloud being seen out East of the Springs!

The view from my back porch!

Juneathon Day 3 & 4

So sorry I didn’t get this in yesterday, but I was down hard with another migraine.  Typing was way out of my skillset due to heavy meds in the afternoon.  Amazingly in the morning, I still was able to get a workout in with my bud Sammie and her Boxer, Freddy.  We headed out for a hike with the dogs up to Stratton Open Space.  Summer has been here before, but Freddy has never been here and Sammie wasn’t sure how he’d do.  This photo shows his defining moment when he realized he was in “almost” over his head.

He got in this far only once.  It took us about another half hour to get him back in the water.  Silly boy kept running up and down the shore.  Only putting his toes in.

Summer had to show him up a few times until he started going back in the water.  She was such a good girl and finally learned to swim without looking like she was having a panic attack.

Freddy was Mr. Social Butterfly and made lots of friends.  Including two horses that came down to get some water.  Summer was interested in them for a few minutes. Here’s Summer and Freddy having fun together!

Here’s my good girl bringing me back the stick.  She went out about 20 feet.  Just to the point where she couldn’t touch the bottom and had to start swimming.  She loved it.

On the way down, we tried to get in a photo op, but Freddy didn’t want anything to do with the rock.  Summer, on the other hand, had to pose like the star she is!  My little girl is growing up so fast!

Juneathon Day Four

Today I met up with the Southern Colorado Springs Running Group for their 2nd Anniversary party.  I didn’t get in a run with them because I did not want to get another headache.  I got in 30 minutes on the elliptical when I got home though.  Here’s the group who braved the rain to get their miles in before the grupfest!  Thanks for a good time!

Reviews for Day 2 of Juneathon!

So today was day two of Juneathon and I knew I needed to get a run in.  I’ve got three races coming up this month and I’ve gotten in zero miles due to my migraine issues.  Why is it when you’re doing great does something have to blindside you so hard that you’re back at square one again?  Anywho!  I got up this morning and decided to try out some new items I’ve had laying around.  Each worked perfectly on my 4 miler!

These are GREAT!

First and foremost is the Sparkle Tech skirt (see photo) I got right before my E.R. visit.  Sparkle Skirts are made in America running skirts that are great for us curvy women.  I found them via my blogging friend, Jess – visit here at Run with Jess (p.s. she’s got some great shirts available supporting the USO)!  I had two of them, but gave one to my savior on E.R. day.  The first one I bought suited her personality better – visit Sammie over at Fat Chick’s 140.6 Mile Jouney!  She’s blogging about her journey to her very first iron distance triathlon!

Second item:  Under Armour Women’s Charged Cotton T-shirt in white.  The picture shows the scoop neck – which I love – but I got the regular T.  Heck I got it for $15.00 at the Under Armour outlet store in Castle Rock and now I own 3 of them.  Great for running and workouts like my bootcamp class at 0-dark thirty.

Let’s see if this video thingy works!

Lastly, my newest running shoes – the Asics Gel Cumulus 14’s!  Every good run depends on a good shoe and these fit the bill.  I’ve been running now in the Cumulus since it was a #11.  And my running coach, Judy, is so happy I finally picked one.  As you can see below….it’s taken me a while to find that perfect pair of running shoes!  The great group at Boulder Running Company supplied me with these 14’s.

Yes, I know I have a problem…shoes and coats are my weeknesses.  Reminder!  The next round of the BRC Women’s Fit Team is getting ready to kick off here in Colorado Springs.  I’ve trained with these girls and you couldn’t ask for a greater coach – Judy – or support system.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  Happy Miles!