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  • My name is Lynne! I'm a runner enjoying life in Colorado with my two furry kids! Summer is a Rottie (my fourth) and my Aussie, Scout, is 12. They fill my life with funny stories and special moments. Enjoy reading about my troubles with running and the fun I have with my fuzkids!
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    While I have been through this several times, I am in no way an expert in dealing with or curing your pet of canine cancer. Please consult your local vet or canine cancer specialist on how to effectively treat your furry family member.
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My Running Partner

Every Saturday morning for the past few years, I rise early to go run with the BRC girls.  AM training runs are sometimes long, difficult, cold, windy, but there’s always my strong friend rising up in the west.  I can look up and see her beauty, power, God’s majical touch on this earth, and know I can finish this run.  I have the ability inside myself to push through anything.  Happy Miles Everyone!

~Special thanks to The Pikes Peak Guy for this great picture!


One Response

  1. What beautiful scenery for a run! I envy you Colorado people that.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog today–i didn’t know that about the marathon you did; Chicago stole all the headlines, I guess!

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