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Riddle Me Team Tough Chik

Just in case you missed the question – What is your best/worse race experience?

I came up with this idea last weekend and with work and reading everyone else’s posts, I’m just now getting around to doing mine!  I’m such a procrastinator.  Even during college, I would put off doing papers until Sunday and then sit all day doing homework.  Maybe I hate homework that involves writing.  I was a writer for my high school paper and while it was fun to write short stories about student life, it took me forever to come up with ideas.  Enter the questions for the team!  Now I have the idea, I just need to sit down and put it to paper (or screen in this case).

So let’s start with the easy one, my worst race.  Hands down has to be the Country Music Marathon 2009.  I had just finished my first marathon in December 2008 down in Las Vegas (5:47:24) and was looking at doing a race near my hometown in KY.  So my training went well even in Colorado wintertime.  As it got closer, I started watching the temps for race day.  I was looking at running a nice cool race in Nashville.  Forecasters said temps would be in the 50’s and, unfortunately, they went up from there and never stopped.  My entire family got invited to the race.  The race started great and was moving along fine.  Then people started dropping like flies.  I stopped to help a girl in the middle of the street at mile 10ish with leg cramps.  Volunteers were spraying people with water at every water stop.  I made ever attempt to keep my feet dry, but after a while I gave up on that and ended up with some serious blisters.  I finally found my family at mile 20.  They were sunburnt and my mom was so worried about me.  I chugged along meeting up with a girl from Albuquerque who was having problems with leg cramps.  I started talking with her and decided to help out by hanging out with her to the finish.  We talked about the snow we’d had the weekend before this.  Her friends called to say the pacers were coming in 20 minutes off.  So we walked the last two miles.  It just wasn’t worth it at this point.  I ended up finishing at 6:32:03.  I didn’t care.  I was so glad I finished.  I found out later that the temps got up to 96 and that a guy stationed at Fort Campbell running the half crossed the finish line and went into cardiac arrest ( he didn’t make it).  I wondered why they didn’t call the race.  It was so humid and hot on the course.  It was miserable!  Later that same year, I went on to run the Denver Full in October (6:01:03) in 84 degree weather and the Las Vegas full in December knocking 13 mins off my time with a PR of 5:34:37!  Yeah, that’s 3 fulls in one year!

My favorite race….now I have several favorites because of how they are organized (American Discovery Trail Half in Colorado Springs) or the goodies you get (Heart & Sole Half in Boulder).  But I love when a race has some scenery to take your mind off things and there are two races in Colorado that do exactly just

Starting Line for Slacker Half Marathon 2011

that:  the Slacker Half in Georgetown and the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half in Idaho Springs.  The Slacker Half (June 23, 2012 – Registration is open!) is not a race for slugs as the name might suggest.  It is entirely downhill until the last mile where they torture you by sending you uphill – “Let’s see if your legs work THIS WAY!”  From their website:  It is the highest downhill half marathon in the country—- beginning at 10,630 feet and traveling over a rolling hill descent to 8,400 feet!   It ain’t easy and can be very damaging to the knees/hips if you aren’t in shape.  The mountain views from the Loveland Ski area to Georgetown are spectacular and there’s sometimes some snow left on the course.  Beautiful!  The Georgetown-Idaho Springs Half (August 11, 2012 – Registration is open!) is a nice rolling course through several neighborhoods as you go from 8,500 feet to 7,500 feet.  I absolutely LOVE this race.  I’ve done it three times and it is so much fun.  As with the Slacker, they have to bus you to the start and each year, they are getting better with this (the only problem I’ve seen).  People sit

View of Idaho Springs

out on their porches with their coffee, waving as you go by.  One lady (EVERY YEAR I’ve done it) has her sprinkler running out on the road for the runners.  Beautiful mountain and stream views on the course as well.  You finish the race and can sit on the football field in the sun, listening to music or stroll around visiting the mini-expo.  I usually head over to the Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub for some fish & chips along with a good Jack Whacker Wheat Ale.  Idaho Springs is a very nice mountain town with some cute little shops.  Recommend spending some time there after the race.

Well there’s my best and worst!  I hope everyone enjoyed them.  On to the next question – wonder what it will be….we’ll see it on Sunday!


2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed this very much. That last mile is always tough!

  2. That view of Idaho Springs is gorgeous! Those two half races sound pretty cool 🙂

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