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  • My name is Lynne! I'm a runner enjoying life in Colorado with my two furry kids! Summer is a Rottie (my fourth) and my Aussie, Scout, is 12. They fill my life with funny stories and special moments. Enjoy reading about my troubles with running and the fun I have with my fuzkids!
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    While I have been through this several times, I am in no way an expert in dealing with or curing your pet of canine cancer. Please consult your local vet or canine cancer specialist on how to effectively treat your furry family member.
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Almost a Year Together!

This time last year, I was going through a tough time.  My Rottie, Jersey Girl, was going through her second round of chemo treatments and her little body wasn’t reacting well to it.  She ending up passing from it on August 5, 2010.  I didn’t deal with it well.  Jers had been my best bud.  Well things over the past year have gotten so much better because of the little girl pictured above.  Summer is so unusual and comical, it’s never a dull moment with her!  More when the anniversary gets here, but I had to share these pictures with her favorite pose (one ear back in safari mode).   Enjoy!


3 Responses

  1. The ear is so cute!! Both Bart and Gizmo’s ears do that from time to time. Ruby has bigger, “Mouse Ears.” I’ll try to get a picture 🙂

  2. She’s adorable!

  3. I love her ears! But what I’ve noticed more over the months is her eyes. She looks like she’s so worried about something. Eyes that should be on an older, more mature dog…one that has seen the troubles of life. Not on my little girl.

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